Imagine having a compact and lightweight tool that can catch anyone’s attention from a distance. The Metal Survival Whistle – Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle is an essential item for emergencies or outdoor activities. With its loud and piercing sound, this whistle can easily surpass the range of your voice, making it perfect for attracting attention when it matters most. Weighing just around 10 grams, you can easily carry it around or attach it to your key ring, backpack, or belt. Whether you’re hiking, camping, refereeing a game, or simply walking around, this whistle is a reliable companion. Choose from two stylish colors, light gold or silver, and be prepared for any situation.

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Why Consider This Product?

If you’re in need of a reliable and effective tool to attract attention in emergency situations or outdoor activities, the Metal Survival Whistle is an excellent choice. This whistle is designed to emit a loud, piercing sound that carries much further than your voice, ensuring that you can easily alert others to your presence. With its 120dB volume, this whistle is incredibly loud and can be heard from a significant distance away. While we haven’t conducted scientific tests to measure the exact decibel level, the manufacturer guarantees its effectiveness.

Not only is this whistle loud, but it is also lightweight, making it easy to carry and attach to your keyring or other belongings. Weighing just about 10 grams, it won’t be a burden on your equipment or weigh you down while you’re on the move. Its compact size and keyring attachment further enhance its portability, allowing you to conveniently bring it along during camping trips, hikes, dog walks, or even local outings.

Features and Benefits

Compact and Lightweight Design

The Metal Survival Whistle is crafted from lightweight metal, making it easy to carry and virtually unnoticeable when attached to your belongings. Its small size ensures that it won’t take up valuable space in your bag or weigh you down. The short chain and keyring attachment also allow for easy and secure attachment to your keyring, belt, backpack, or any other preferred location.

Super Loud 120dB Volume

While we haven’t personally measured the decibel level, the manufacturer claims that the Metal Survival Whistle emits a powerful 120dB sound. This high volume ensures that your distress signal reaches a wide range of people within earshot, surpassing the reach of your voice alone. Whether you’re in an emergency situation or trying to grab the attention of someone during a sports event or coaching session, this whistle will definitely do the job.

Versatile Use for Various Activities

The Metal Survival Whistle is not limited to emergency situations. It is equally useful for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, refereeing, dog walking, or even just local walks or cycling. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool to have on hand for numerous situations where attracting attention is crucial.

Choice of Colors

To suit different preferences, the Metal Survival Whistle is available in two colors: light gold or silver. Choose the color that matches your style or blends in with your other accessories.

Metal Survival Whistle - Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle

See the Metal Survival Whistle - Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle in detail.

Product Quality

We believe in offering only high-quality products to our customers. The Metal Survival Whistle is meticulously crafted from durable metal to ensure its longevity and reliability. While we don’t have specific certifications to display, we stand by the quality of this whistle and its ability to perform when needed most.

What It’s Used For

Emergency Situations

In emergencies, every second matters. The Metal Survival Whistle is a must-have tool to attract attention and signal for help. Its loud sound carries over long distances, increasing the likelihood of someone hearing and responding to your distress call. Whether you’re lost, injured, or facing any other urgent situation, this whistle can be a lifesaver.

Outdoor Adventures

Venturing into the great outdoors requires preparedness. The Metal Survival Whistle is an essential companion for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It allows you to signal your location to fellow adventurers or seek assistance from nearby individuals if needed. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry along without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear.

Sports and Coaching

For referees, coaches, or sports enthusiasts, the Metal Survival Whistle is an invaluable tool. Its powerful sound cuts through the noise of the game, ensuring that players and fellow coaches can easily hear your signals or commands. With its dependable performance, you can confidently lead and communicate during sports events.

Dog Walking and Safety

When walking your furry friend, it’s important to have a reliable way to call them back or signal your presence to others. The Metal Survival Whistle provides a clear, distinct sound that your dog will recognize, allowing for effective communication even from a distance. Additionally, in case of emergencies or dangerous situations, this whistle can help attract attention and ensure your safety.

Metal Survival Whistle - Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Material Lightweight metal
Weight Approximately 10 grams
Volume Manufacturer claims 120dB
Colors Light gold or silver
Attachment Short chain and keyring

Who Needs This

The Metal Survival Whistle is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to enhance their safety and ensure effective communication in various situations. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Sports referees and coaches
  • Dog owners and walkers
  • Individuals seeking a compact and reliable signaling device

Metal Survival Whistle - Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle

Pros and Cons


  • Loud and attention-grabbing sound
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Versatile use for emergencies, sports, and outdoor activities
  • Durable metal construction
  • Choice of colors


  • Decibel level not independently verified


  1. How loud is the Metal Survival Whistle? The manufacturer claims a volume of 120dB, producing a piercing sound that carries over long distances.

  2. Can this whistle be heard in noisy environments? Yes, the Metal Survival Whistle’s high volume makes it effective even in noisy settings.

  3. Is the whistle easy to carry and attach? Absolutely! The whistle is compact, lightweight, and equipped with a short chain and keyring attachment for convenient carrying.

Metal Survival Whistle - Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle

What Customers Are Saying

Customer testimonials highlight the Metal Survival Whistle’s effectiveness and convenience. Many customers praise its durability, loudness, and ease of use. They appreciate how this whistle increases their sense of security and elevates their outdoor experiences.

Overall Value

The Metal Survival Whistle offers exceptional value for anyone looking for a reliable, loud, and easy-to-use signaling device. Its versatility, durability, and compact design make it an investment in your safety and peace of mind.

Metal Survival Whistle - Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Practice with the whistle to ensure you can easily produce a loud sound when needed.
  • Keep the whistle accessible by attaching it to your keyring, backpack, or belt.
  • Teach your dog to respond to the whistle’s sound during training sessions.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Metal Survival Whistle – Super Loud 120dB Emergency Distress Whistle is an essential tool for emergencies, outdoor adventures, and sports activities. Its compact and lightweight design, along with its powerful sound, makes it the perfect companion. With its versatility and durability, this whistle is a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable and effective signaling device.

Final Recommendation

We highly recommend the Metal Survival Whistle to anyone in need of a dependable and attention-grabbing tool. Its loudness, convenience, and overall quality make it a valuable addition to your safety gear. Whether you find yourself in an emergency situation or enjoying outdoor activities, this whistle will be a reliable partner by your side.

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